Experience, Independence and Expertise

Those are the advantages of working with NBS Financial Services, Inc.

Investment success comes when you have the “right” balance of risk, opportunity, and expense. What is “right” depends on each person and their goals, investments they have access to, and financial knowledge to make sound decisions. Is the investment return you’re getting worthy of the risk you’re taking? No? Then why take the risk? When you calculate your return, are you factoring in the expenses of that investment and the cost of taxes? No? Then your REAL return is likely much less than you think.

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ in Los Angeles, we create risk-managed, tax-efficient, low-expense investment portfolios for our clients that help them plan to achieve specific financial goals. We also provide comprehensive wealth management for Los Angeles area individuals.

NBS President Geordie Crossan has been working to help his clients plan and achieve their specific financial goals since he joined his father’s firm shortly after college in 1986. For Geordie, financial planning and family have been intimately intertwined from day one.

NBS is a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm dedicated to the goal of serving our clients’ financial and investment needs. As both an RIA and a CFP®, NBS Financial Services,Inc. and Geordie Crossan are fiduciaries committed to putting client interests above all else.

As an independent advisory practice, NBS distinguishes itself from large firms that are required or encouraged to sell only their own financial products. Our advisors have access to thousands of different investment management products from most financial companies in addition to individual securities. This allows us to select the right investments for our clients without bias related to sales quotas.

We like knowing that we help people have the retirement of their dreams, send their kids to college, and leave a philanthropic legacy. These outcomes are not just dependent on investment management performance; they require real financial planning and wealth management. Not all financial advisors do both; the NBS team does.

We really get to know our clients so that we can help them make the right decisions. Time frame, risk, resources and commitment are the variables that they bring to the equation. Financial expertise, access to multitudes of investments, discipline, a fiduciary duty, and practical guidance to take emotion out of financial decisions are what we bring. The resulting portfolio and financial plan are custom to every client.

We work with our clients’ other trusted advisors such as accountants, CPAs, estate planning attorneys, bankers, property & casualty insurance agents, and mortgage brokers to help provide true, comprehensive wealth management with team approach.

Our clients come from all walks of life. The common thread is that they care about not taking more risk than they need to, not spending more for their investments than they need to, and not paying the IRS more than they need to. If you’re not sure if you’re risking, spending, or paying more than you need to, then we would love to talk to you. Even if you’re already working with someone, a second opinion never hurts.