By aligning yourself with NBS advisors you will be gaining access to a dedicated and knowledgeable team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ in Los Angeles with decades of combined experience in the financial industry. At NBS we specialize in developing individualized strategic asset allocations based on goal oriented comprehensive financial plans. Assisting clients in their pursuit to achieve financial objectives both large and small, and develop sustainable retirement income to satisfy their desired post-career lifestyles.

As professionals, independent advisors, and dedicated fiduciaries we place our clients and their goals at the forefront of our practice. In doing so, we feel that this allows us to cultivate enduring trusted relationships, and gives us the privilege of maintaining multigenerational clientele.

We recognize the boundless benefits of aligning ourselves and collaborating with trusted advisors. At NBS we have the experience, independence, and expertise to assist you and your clients in the pursuit of personal and financial success.