Investment Management

Investment Management: Helping Los Angeles Professionals Reach Their Goals

Good investment management and planning involves the placing of client funds into the proper investment vehicles that will likely yield the desired amount of growth and/or income. These vehicles are chosen based on the client's financial goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and past performance of the investments themselves.

At NBS Financial Services, Inc. we view investment planning as the development of a strategic individualized asset allocation coupled with ongoing investment management services. This long-term, strategic planning and management helps meet the clients’ financial objectives while mitigating as much market risk as possible.

Utilizing this asset allocation, our advisors employ low-cost investment vehicles, such as exchange traded funds, mutual funds, individual equities, bonds, municipal bonds, and various alternative investment vehicles, to create an investment portfolio that is aligned with the client’s risk and return parameters.

Over time, we regularly monitor the portfolio and rebalance it when necessary to reflect the established allocation. At times, the entire asset allocation may also be revised and updated to reflect any changes in the client’s circumstances, their goals or their needs. Adjustment and change are an ongoing part of the process which eliminates bad investment results due to “set it and forget it” and emotional investing. The investment decisions we help you make are logical and strategic.