Estate Planning

Estate Planning, also referred to as wealth succession, involves the development of a plan for the administration and disposition of a person’s property and wealth either before or after their death.

Planning for wealth succession is an extremely complicated procedure and, if not done properly, it can have damaging financial repercussions to the long-term financial legacy of your family as well as immediate cash demands requiring the liquidation of the assets that you would like to pass on to others.

NBS Financial Services, Inc. views estate planning as a necessary part of your overall wealth management plan. To that end, our advisors work closely with attorneys, tax advisors, and estate planning experts who help us develop specific strategies to help you and your family best mitigate the tax burden that can be generated when assets pass from one generation to the next.

To avoid your estate being tied-up in Probate Court for an extended period of time or your heirs being presented with an unexpected tax bill that they cannot pay, contact us to learn how NBS can work with your estate planning attorney to develop a wealth succession plan that is right for you!