Tax Planning

Growing your investments to reach your goals is only the first step in a successful financial plan. Considering the tax implications of that growth is the next step. To that end, clients need the tax planning skills of the Los Angeles CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ at NBS Financial Services, Inc.

Tax planning takes steps to minimize a client’s tax liability by using available allowances, deductions, exclusions, exemptions or other legal strategies. It is a critical component in comprehensive wealth management. When developing plans, NBS aligns the financial goals of our clients with tax-proficiency planning to achieve all of the components of the client’s financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

This can be done with a combination of tax deferred retirement accounts, tax-efficient investment vehicles, and specific timing of portfolio trading through the investment management process. Proper timing of investment sales is the difference in whether an investment is taxed as long term or short term. Planning major trades for the right tax year can also affect your entire tax bracket and the tax due on your income.

Tax planning allows the other components of financial planning to interact more efficiently by minimizing the tax liability. We help our clients manage their tax responsibility so that they don’t pay more in taxes than they should. It’s an essential part of our services, allowing NBS the best opportunity to help our clients reach their financial goals.