Wealth Management

Wealth Management Brings Together All Aspects of Our Practice

What does wealth management really mean? For us, it’s using all the skills and services we provide to manage the wealth of our clients in a way that helps achieve their financial goals. We view comprehensive wealth management as the convergence of all aspects of the financial advisory profession, and where our staff of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®)  employ financial planning and investment management strategies to help make the objectives of our clients become reality.

Wealth management is the largest part of our business and starts with discovering the financial goals of our clients to create individualized financial plans that determine the feasibility of reaching those goals. As part of that plan, we develop strategic asset allocations that are individualized to each client and designed to take on the least amount of risk necessary while still working toward achieving the desired outcome.

To help ensure that the client’s portfolio stays in line with those allocations, our advisors use low cost investment vehicles and ongoing investment planning to keep the portfolio efficient, and provide ongoing maintenance in the form of rebalancing when needed.

Wealth management places all the components of our financial planning services at the disposal of our clients: investment planning, education planning, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

There are many firms providing wealth management in Los Angeles. We believe that our unique approach focused on experience, our independence and expertise sets us apart.


“…We Are Dedicated To The Relentless Pursuit Of Goal Obtainment”

–Geordie Crossan, CFP® President Of NBS Financial